Playa Grande Kids Become Biologists for a Day


Playa Grande, Guanacaste. 18th of January 2013.

The Leatherback Trust starts Kid’s Club in Playa Grande.  The club engages local children in sea turtle conservation at the Las Baulas National Marine Park.

The Leatherback Trust (TLT), dedicated to the global protection of sea turtles and their nesting beaches, has long worked to educate local people about the importance of sea turtles.  This year TLT has taken its mission of education one step further by organizing a Kid’s Club.

TLT will teach local children and parents about the vital ecological role of sea turtles that nest in Playa Grande as well as the importance of their protection.  The club meets every Thursday from 3:30-5pm at the local national park office (MINAE).

Last Thursday, during the club’s third meeting, the children became biologists for a day. They learned about tagging turtles; turtle tags give every single nesting female a unique number.  Biologists enter this number into a database to learn how many turtles are nesting as well as the number of eggs and nests each has laid.

The children also got to practice reading tags, measuring, and counting eggs on a display sea turtle.  To facilitate the greatest educational impact, TLT partnered with MINAET park rangers to bring local children and parents to the beach to see a nesting leatherback sea turtle.  This trip to the beach was the first time these residents had seen a nesting sea turtle. 

The Kid’s Club will meet twice more, the final two Thursdays of January.  Children will play games on the beach and work on a final program for parents.  The program will be a family-oriented evening in which the children will be able to share what they have learned in Kid’s Club. 

For Further information: Tera Dornfeld, Tel: 2653-0635

Children learn how to record turtle data and learn about tagging sea turtles.

Children practice looking for tags on a model sea turtle.